Cass County Sheriff shares additional details following weekend bomb threat at county jail

Courtesy: Cass County Jail
Courtesy: Cass County Jail

(Cass County, ND) -- Cass County Sheriff Jesse Jahner spoke on The Flag's What's on Your Mind program to share additional details following reports of a bomb threat at the county jail.

Jahner says two separate anonymous phone calls were placed regarding the bomb threat on Saturday, one happening at 9:40 p.m and the other at 10:18 p.m. The first call was placed after hours for the jail's administrative office and were redirected to Red River Regional Dispatch. Authorities say the caller believed someone was going to bomb the jail. Jahner says the jail and all access points were immediately locked down, searched by a K9 dog and drone team, and investigated by authorities. The second anonymous call was answered by a correctional officer at the jail, who said a group of individuals was planning to bomb the facility. Jahner says they are currently unable to confirm if the first and second caller are the same person, but will look to learn that information. 

"Of course, when we get information like that, we obviously take information like that very serious..."said Jahner, "The investigation is active and ongoing. We need to do some things through our I.T department because these numbers came in anonymously... Our I.T department is going to have to help us through some of the technology pieces to try and determine if we can retrieve a number from either of the calls."

Jahner says the call could possibly be referencing a real threat or incident, but did share some concerns about it being a fake threat.  He says due to the caller being anonymous and not leaving a call-back number, Jahner says this could likely lead to a Class C Felony Terrorizing charge if the threat was not credible and the call can be traced. 

"There has been a lot of swatting type calls going over the nation.. with some of the active shooter stuff and different things like that, but anytime we get a call like this we are going to take it serious," said Jahner.

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Monday, December 19, 2022