ACLU North Dakota: Changes can be made to improve Cass County's elections

Courtesy: North Dakota ACLU
Courtesy: North Dakota ACLU

(Cass County, ND) -- A regional civil right's chapter of a nationwide organization is sharing several possible improvements for future Cass County elections

A representative from the American Civil Liberties Union of North Dakota (ACLU) says Cass County does a great job with elections in general. Cody Schuler, ACLU ND's Advocacy Manager, says some positive changes can still be made; including expanding early voting hours, ensuring voting places are compliant with the state's century code, improving poll worker training, increasing voter education initiatives, and making the canvassing board process better. 

“While North Dakota is fortunate not to have extreme voting laws that have disenfranchised voters in other parts of the country, problems at the polls can still happen,” said Schuler, “The right to vote is essential to our democracy and is a fundamental freedom that defines who we are as a nation. It’s our hope that Cass County election officials will take our suggestions to improve the voting process for everyone.”

The state's ACLU wrote a document based on their observations of Cass County's 2022 General Election. Schuler says the reason why they watched this election was because of reports of people being wrongfully flagged as non-citizens in the 2022 primary election, an issue he says was solved by the general election.

You can read more about the suggestions made by North Dakota's ACLU by clicking here

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Monday, January 23, 2023