Majority Leader Mike Lefor: North Dakota Supreme Court was "acting like a legislature" in abortion ban ruling

(Fargo, ND) -- North Dakota's house majority leader is criticizing the state supreme court, following the court's ruling on the state's trigger ban on abortions. 

"I believe they were acting like a legislature when they performed or provided that opinion, very disappointing. Obviously we are, we do have a bill, Senate Bill 2150 that we're now looking at to change the, some of those provisions to do what I believe is the will of the people in North Dakota," said Mike Lefor.   

Lefor is commenting after the court Thursday ruled the state's trigger ban on abortion is "likely unconstitutional", clearing the way for the services to continue in the state while a lower court considers a case involving the trigger ban. 

Lefor made the comments while appearing on "What's on Your Mind" on AM 1100 The Flag.