North Dakota Oil and Gas leases on public lands to continue

Courtesy: North Dakota Office of the Governor
Courtesy: North Dakota Office of the Governor

(Washington, DC) -- Oil and gas leases on public lands in North Dakota will continue following a court ruling. 

Several North Dakota lawmakers are voicing support for a ruling made by U.S District Court Judge Daniel Tarynor, who is now ordering the federal Bureau of Land Management (BLM)  to continue quarterly sales of oil and gas leases on public lands within the state. Traynor says BLM "very likely violated their mandatory statutory duties to plan and timely complete mandatory analyses [sic] of individual parcels in North Dakota." A preliminary injunction is now in place, and sale of leases are allowed to continue at this time. 

"Judge Traynor’s decision restores the rule of law and appropriately admonishes the federal government for its ‘multiple unfruitful assurances’ – or lies – to North Dakota about quarterly lease sales [...]" said U.S Senator Kevin Cramer (R-ND) in a statement, "The Biden administration can no longer drag its feet, cancel lease sales, or withdraw lands from oil and gas development. Attorney General Wrigley was right to bring these matters to the forefront.”

The full court order can be found by clicking here