Minnesota landowner: "you need to get involved" in effort aimed at stopping land transfer to native tribe

(Fargo, ND) — Another Minnesota landowner is sounding the alarm and asking others to get involved in an effort aimed at stopping a proposed land transfer.

“Sadly a lot of people are afraid to speak up, business owners and private landowners alike, because they are afraid of the possible retaliation, but I’m here to tell everyone you need to get involved because this does have significant ramifications,” said Craig Hall. 

Hall is among the those who spoke before a state senate panel Thursday, whose members decided to table the measure for now. 

The bill would transfer 155 thousand acres of state-owned land in the White Earth State Forest to the White Earth Nation. 

One of the bills sponsors, State Senator Mary Kunesh, calls the proposal “in essence a reparation.” 

Property and owners and recreational users are expressing concerns about future access. 

State Senator Rob Kupec is hosting a public meeting on the issue tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. at the library in Detroit Lakes.

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