NDSU student receives surprise scholarship

Photos by: Brynn Rawlings - NDSU
Photos by: Brynn Rawlings - NDSU

(Fargo, ND) -- A North Dakota State University student is celebrating after receiving a surprise scholarship.  

First-semester pre-nursing student 20-year-old BreAnn Sullivan was surprised in class Wednesday with the award of a five-thousand dollar Sanford Health Military and Veteran Scholarship.  

“I’m really surprised. It is an honor,” said Sullivan. “I knew there were other girls in my class who are in the military so I assumed it was them. And then they said my name and I was like oh, ok.”

Captain Paul Weckman, retired U.S. Navy and director of Sanford Health’s Department of Veterans and Military Services, said Sullivan displays exceptional qualities, leading to her selection for the scholarship. “BreAnn's application stood out,” said Weckman. “Clearly, her dedication to scholarship, her dedication to military service and her dedication to becoming an exemplary nurse placed her at the top of scholarship applicants. We are happy to help invest in her and her nursing career through this scholarship."

Sullivan is also a member of the Air National Guard, and is ready to "serve at the drop of a hat" when the time comes.

Captain Weckman added that Sullivan's four-point-oh GPA, made her application for the funds stand out even more.