OPINION - How Good Are These Bison?


In my mind, the 2013 team will be the Gold Standard until proven otherwise.  Or at least proven on the field with a road win at an FBS program.  Not just any FBS program, but a Kansas State Power-5 team that was the Big 12 defending champ.  They went undefeated that season and while NDSU has had some more famous stars in recent yore, there hasn't been a perfect season with that kind of road win.

This team could very well be in that discussion.  That was a very good SDSU team that the Bison beat on Saturday.  Had a great chance to beat Minnesota in the season opener, and you know what's up with the Gophers right now.

I don't think they lose anymore in the regular season.  And that means home playoff games.  The Jacks could get them if they do what the committee has done before and put the Dakota kids on the same side of the bracket.  Which would be a total joke, but again, the committee has been a joke before.  I'm not buying that there's more than one team better than SDSU right now.

Don't send me the bill, but I think Bison fans can start planning the next chapter in the Frisco story.

And while we're here....NDSU is 37 in the Sagarin D-1 Football Rankings this week.  That's a bit too low.  Minnesota is 24.  That is too.  I take NDSU to be an even matchup with anyone outside the Top 20 on a neutral field.  I think Minnesota is too high in the AP poll (13th) and too low in Sagarin.  I think they're somewhere high teens.  I see Gophers are +6.5 at home to Penn State next week.  I'm rowing the boat these days, but I'll take PSU to cover that.  My guess is Penn State wins by 10-13.  And that wouldn't be an embarrassment.