OPINION - Are WE this honest?


I always respect people who say things that might be unpopular with people in their circle.  It seems we're getting so polarized politically that we feel we're in a fight all the time and we don't listen with an open mind much anymore.  What I fear is that we are so entrenched in the fight that we lose our ethical compass.  If it helps us win, who cares if it's right or wrong?  The end justifies any, and every, means.  Our side is as guilty as the liberals in this area.  We tend to make excuses or look the other way when our people do something wrong.  Worse yet, we stop asking if this ever happens.

Congressional Republicans are signing on for massive spending increases.

The President rips on political foes at a D-Day ceremony at Normandy.  And although it is in no way an impeachable offense, he made a mistake by using a phone call with the Ukranian President to put the heat on a political rival. It was just the wrong way at the wrong time.  

Why can't we, as Republicans/Conservatives, call those balls and strikes for what they are?  Surely our people aren't always perfect are they?  

Yes, Virginia, you can support someone and vote for them AND be honest about their faults.

So this past week, in a world of otherwise liberal lunacy, I saw 2 examples of Democrats who actually set an example in this area.  

Senator Ted Cruz met one of them in a hearing about Google manipulating votes:  https://www.c-span.org/video/?c4814811/user-clip-ted-cruz-questions-robert-epstein-big-tech-election-interference

And Hillary Clinton supporter Alan Dershowitz was one of the stars of the Trump defense team in the Senate Impeachment Trial:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O91-xBj9f8c

These 2 men are not Trump fans.  But they saw something wrong and weren't afraid to say it.  I hope we can do the same next time we do.


Steve Hallstrom is President and Managing Partner at Flag Family Media (radio) and Fieldstone Group (public relations and consulting) in Fargo, ND.  He also hosts a morning local radio news program 6-8:30 am on AM1100 WZFG.