OPINION - College Football and Free Choices


College football is likely doomed for the fall.  My problem is that the people making the decisions are not the people who should be making them.  Many players see that the testing regimen and protective environment installed for them is about the best place they could be, but they just happened to come along at a time when politicians and governing bodies want to tell you how free they really are. Which is not much.

We choose our risk level and protect ourselves in a free society. The players and their parents and your parents can pull out of the season if they want but some want to decide that for them. The # of deaths with/from COVID so far in ND are about the same as traffic accidents in a typical year but we don't ban cars or put the speed limit at 10 mph.

This is a bad virus no doubt, but there's risk in everything like every other year of college football. Young healthy people handle this very well statistically. Keep the kids in a structured, tested, and protected environment, what could be better for them?

Let free people make free decisions. No reason Trey Lance and his family shouldn't decide what's best for themselves. This is the perfect year for the NCAA and Conferences to let schools - and athletes - do their own thing.