Outdoors Angle: Get Those Ground Blinds Out!

The Flag Outdoors Expert Steve Carney has your weekly Outdoors Angle right here!

     September is here meaning the hunting seasons are just a couple of weeks away.

     This month is my favorite time for getting my treestands in the field as well as positioning my ground blinds.

     Getting those ground blinds out in the field well ahead of the bow/deer opener is critical for success. I have tried setting up blinds on the day of the hunt and it never works. Even the youngest deer in the woods knows something is not right and they will avoid the area. Getting those ground blinds out early gets the deer used to seeing the tent-like structure and they will soon ignore it as they pass.

     The first thing I do when I set up my ground blind is to clean off the bottom of the ground below my feet. Get rid of anything that can make noise such as twigs, leaves and debris. A slight movement of your foot at the critical time will alert the deer and they will flee. Clean the earthen floor down to dirt and you will be mistake free.

     Keep the main shooting window open and be sure and close the surrounding side and rear windows. You want the ground blind as dark as possible. Keep the side windows open just a slit so you can see anything coming from the sides.

     Be sure and draw your bow prior to the deer coming in front of your shooting window. Remember, you are eye level with the deer and any movement will blow the deal. It will take practice and expect a few miscues, it's' all a part of the ground blind scenario!

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