12-14-19 Energy Matters Hour 1


Joining today's guest host Chris Larson in the first hour:

Director of Line 3 Replacement Execution for Enbridge, Barry Simonson, joins Energy Matters to give the latest up-to-date information on the Line 3 Project, which is beginning to gain steam across the tri-state area. Barry talks about the next steps for Enbridge, which include working with the officials in Minnesota.

Today's Lignite segment has the Lignite Energy Council's Vice President of Communications, Steve Van Dyke, joining Chris for their weekly segment. In the segment, Van Dyke discusses what the Lignite Energy Council does, who its members are and what some of the council's biggest programs are--in three different areas.

Kerryanne Leroux, who is a Principal Engineer at the Energy Enviromental Research Center in Grand Forks, joins Energy Matters to talk about the project she is involved with in Richardton, N.D., with Red Trail Energy. The project consists of carbon capture, utilization and storage. Leroux also discussed an open house earlier this week and what attendees were expecting to learn at the event.

North Dakota Petroleum Marketers Association President Mike Rud also joined Energy Matters, giving an update on the propane situation in North Dakota. This year's propane situation is much similar to one earlier this decade, but the situation seems to be getting itself under control, Rud said. The problem stems from other states needing the propane before our states need it, therefore the shortage in the state of North Dakota.

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Saturday, December 14, 2019


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