5-22-21 Energy Matters Hour 1

3:08 Daniel Stenberg of McKenzie County Economic Development gives us all the latest updates on what’s happening in the western part of the state


With the COVID-19 pandemic seeming to become stabilized, how is the McKenzie County area recovering from the effects of the pandemic?

A recent media report says that, based on a preliminary analysis by North Dakota Director of Mineral Resources Lynn Helms, the temporary federal land drilling ban could cost the state as much as 150 new wells in the upcoming biennium. These costs would accelerate if the suspension became permanent - when you hear things like that -- how does your area prepare for a hit like that?

Any big projects on the horizon in McKenzie County?


3:24 Lignite - Senator Paul Utke of Minnesota


3:34 Chris’s News and Notes from the Energy Industry


3:48 Scott Hennen joins the show

Original Air Date: 
Saturday, May 22, 2021