9-25-21 Energy Matters Hour 1

Every Saturday Energy Matters brings you the latest in energy and technology advancements and the people behind them.


 Lt. Governor Brent Sanford


 Lt. Governor Brent Sanford


 Lignite - Kent Ellis will be talking about the T4 Education Program which is hosting 920 students this week 

T4 is an abbreviation for Tools, Trades, Torque, and Tech Program sponsored by the North Dakota Petroleum Foundation and the Lignite Energy Council.

T4 introduces students to workforce skills, needs, training, and networking opportunities with industry leaders and technicians.

What is T4? How was it started?

How many students will be participating in T4 this week?

What industries and job opportunities will be presented to students?

Based on your experience, how do you expect the job market for in the trades will develop the next couple of years?

Does your program help students choose a path for education and careers?

If a school district or family is interested in participating in T4 how would they learn more about the program?


 Brett Erdman, New Leaf Hospitality 

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Saturday, September 25, 2021