3-19-22 America's Land Auctioneer

Episode Fifty-Seven
America’s Land Auctioneer and Pifer’s Land

Kevin Pifer, America’s Land Auctioneer, is joined by Steve Link, Pifer’s Broker of Real Estate Operations.  Kevin Pifer highlights the record-breaking land auction results for Pifer’s in the first quarter of 2022.  Farmland values continue to surge upward at record breaking values.  Steve Link highlights upcoming Pifer’s land auctions with incredible cropland opportunities for buyers.

The two provide incredible insight on how to get the most for your land in a rising market.  Record breaking results don’t just happen.  It takes a well-designed strategy and marketing effort to achieve these results.  Pifer’s takes great stock in being marketers and merchandisers of land and equipment.  The auctioneering element is critical, too, but it will not achieve exceptional results without astute marketing and merchandising.  They will explain how!

Original Air Date: 
Saturday, March 19, 2022