4-30-22 America's Land Auctioneer

Episode Sixty-Three
America’s Land Auctioneer and Pifer’s Land

America’s Land Auctioneer,  is joined by Dr. Frayne Olson, Crop Economist / Marketing Specialist with the North Dakota Extension Service and Director of the Quentin Burdick Center for Cooperatives on the campus of North Dakota State University.  Dr. Olson conducts educational programs and research in evaluating crop marketing strategies, crop outlook and price analysis, and the economics of crop contracting.  Dr. Olson explains the three factors that cause inflation:  cost push, demand pull and money supply.  American agricultural commodities have seen sharp increases recently but the cost push portion of inflation, particularly fertilizer and fuel, have caused enormous pressure on the bottom line for the American farmer.  Fertilizer costs alone have increased 50 percent in one year!!

 Dr. Frayne Olson and America’s Land Auctioneer provide valuable insight into the Domestic and Global commodity markets and what the pandemic has done to disrupt the supply chain for input costs in American Agriculture.  Dr. Olson also provides insight into what affect the Russian Invasion of Ukraine has on current global commodities supplies including wheat and corn.

Original Air Date: 
Saturday, April 30, 2022