Outdoor Angle: The Versatile Hair Jig


Here’s your weekly Outdoors Angle with Flag Outdoors Columnist Steve Carney.


   The hair jig was probably the first artificial lure ever devised.  Our Grandfathers

started using these during the early 1900's and the past years many anglers have totally

forgotten about this awesome bait. The hair jig today is made from deer hair, maribou and/or

artificial synthetics that make the lure come alive. I absolutely love the small, 1/16th .oz

hair jig because it drops slowly in the water column and drives walleyes and crappies crazy !

No need to tip the jig with live bait but rather allow the hair to flow and expand creating a lifelike


   Many manufacturers now market these hair jig styles as saltwater baits and you can find

a good assortment of them at saltwater bait dealers. They are now catching on for freshwater as

most major players in the industry are re-introducing hair jigs at this time. 

   Couple this hair jig with 6.lb test line and a medium action rod and you have a very fun

system that catches all species.This has been my go-to rig here in the north country for about

five years now and teaching anglers to pitch and retrieve this hair jig is a piece of cake. 

   We anglers tend to get hung up on the latest and greatest lures and presentations but in reality

the lures of the past still work and the hair jig is proof positive this jig is here to stay.


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