The NSIC Is Looking Forward After Cancelling Its Fall Sports Season


     It was a tough day for MSUM and all of the NSIC when the Board of Directors had to make the decision to suspend all athletic competitions through the new year. “I am grieving the loss of games and competition for our student-athletes, coaches and fans,” said MSUM AD Doug Peters on the cancellation of fall sports.

     Now with the fall season officially abandoned MSUM is focusing on getting together a winter sports schedule. “Our first priority with the Dragons is just to try getting our school year started and then focusing on the winter sports,” continued Peters. Their main goal is to get students safely back on campus, then transition into a safe plan for a winter sports season. 

     From a scholarship standpoint MSUM will be honoring their financial commitments to all student-athletes. “We are honoring all the scholarships whether the student-athletes are completing or not.” Peters went on to say, “the second thing about Division 2 is we are a partial scholarship model, and so it’s a mix across our athletic department.” 

     There is a waiver that will be granted to the seniors who have not yet been given the opportunity to compete in their final year of eligibility. Whether there may be some type of a restructured spring schedule for fall sports, or they don’t play again until next fall, is still unforscene at this time. The senior student athletes who do choose to come back for one final season under the waiver may end up paying personal expenses. Peters said there might be some financial support, but there is also going to be their own out of pocket expense.