Love Those Doves!


     Finally, the first shooting season is upon us as we open this week for doves. I have to say dove hunting for me is the most exciting wingshooting of the season because they are such incredible flyers and are a real challenge to hit on the wing.

     I have seen veteran bird hunters become very frustrated when dove hunting because they often confuse a dove with a pheasant or duck. Doves can come into the decoys at speeds up to 40 mph and the "lead" is way different than your typical duck or pheasant lead. I coach hunters to lead the doves at least 6 feet and sometimes more, depending on the wind velocity.  Most hunters can get the lead down after a couple of hours but even veteran dove hunters can have bad days shooting.

     Don't forget the decoys ! There are a ton of manufacturers that now make plenty of dove decoys to choose from. I like to mix my motion or spinning wing decoys with standard feeding doves in a nice grouping. There's nothing better in wingshooting than watching 20 doves hovering above your decoys.

     The three ingredients you need for a good dove hunt are a grain field such as oats, rye or wheat. Large, shade producing trees along the field are great for daytime roosting and of course, water nearby is always a plus.

     Once you try dove hunting, you will be hooked for life....and bring plenty of ammo!


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