Get Those Treestands Up Now!


The Flag Outdoors Expert Steve Carney has your weekly Outdoors Angle right here!


     One of the most important things about being successful in the bow season is getting those portable stands up well before the season starts. Even the youngest whitetail knows something is amiss when a new stand is erected. Remember, these deer live in the woods and are very keen on any changes. Even cutting shooting lanes and removing limbs can be a deterrent as deer associate change with humans. The trick is to get those stands up early so they get used to the changes and more importantly, your scent dissipates well before the season starts.

     I get a kick out of my cronies who get their stands up the day before the season and then wonder why they didn't see anything on opening morning. It's common sense and laziness has no place in the field.

     Keep in mind that the foliage and undergrowth in the woods is unbelievably thick and lush. You can expect to be cutting new shooting lanes because the growth this summer has no doubt changed your stand effectiveness. The acorn crop has also gone crazy with all the rain and the oak trees are really filling out.

     When hanging your treestands, it's always a good idea to have a wingman with you for safety. The most important aspect of hanging treestands is your safety harness. Don't even think about getting up in a tree without one.

     Have a great bow season... there's nothing better than sitting up in a tree in September and October!


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