Outdoors Angle: The September Fishing Transition


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     The weather has certainly cooled off lately which means fishing can be really tough and it certainly has slowed this past week. Nothing shuts down game fish more than a severe weather change.

     I have started my crank bait trolling on the larger waters here in lake's country and things are not quite there yet. This can be a tough time as the water temperatures are now plummeting into the low 60's and it takes time for the walleyes to adjust and begin their Fall patterns. Back in the day, September was the beginning of the great Fall fishing but in reality it now starts to take off in October and September can be a frustrating month. Not to panic..things will get better! I think the Fall weather patterns have changed into much more warmth and it's common nowadays to have 80 degree temperatures well into October and sometimes November. No doubt this can retard the Fall bite. I have seen this phenomenon now for about 12 years. The trick is to remain patient and not get down on yourself as things will improve and it should be gangbusters from October to ice up.

     Another factor is here in lake's country there is no shortage of bait fish as I have seen clouds of young-of-the-year minnows still roaming the shallows which means there is still a ton of food options for the game fish. Hang in there...the best is yet to come!


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