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     Duck hunting was always my first love and to this day I still relish my time on the water.

     Minnesota duck hunting has declined in quality considerably while the duck hunting in North and South Dakota has improved dramatically. The reality is the food sources in Dakota waters are far superior to Minnesota's water and the ducks go where the food is, which is simple enough. Freshwater shrimp, snails and sago are common in Dakota waters while the Minnesota water quality falls far behind.

     Scouting for ducks at this time of September is crucial in order to find those sloughs with good food quality and that means hitting the road and knocking on doors. I have found over the years that North and South Dakota people are very generous and kind and almost always give you the go-ahead to chase ducks on their properties. Yes, they can be protective of their pheasants and deer but they are totally cool on letting you hunt waterfowl.

     I utilize both a 16 foot V hull boat for big water hunting and still use my 17 foot canoe for smaller water. The canoe is actually the most versatile of the two crafts and it often accompanies me on my waterfowl road trips.

     A final tip.....always mix in some smaller decoys such as blue wing teal and wood ducks into your mallard spread during early season. Nothing looks more phony than a dozen decoys of the same size! If you look at ducks resting on the water, they are a mixed bag of species and body size.  A few "tipper" or feeder decoys always enhances your decoy spread as well.

     Go get 'em!


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