Outdoors Angle: All About Ground Blinds


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     As we slide into the peak of the whitetail rut, many hunters rely on a ground blind especially if they have no options for a tree stand.  I have a few ground blinds out in the field which I use for inclement weather days and use when the conditions dictate.

     Most ground blinds are made of a tent-like fabric with windows that have camouflage mesh. The biggest factor is keeping all the side and rear windows closed to keep the ground blind dark and quiet. It is very easy to blow the opportunity due to noise and scent when hunting out of a ground blind.

     The first thing I do when setting up the blind is to clear the inside floor and wipe away any debris such as leaves or twigs. I clean the inner floor down to the dirt so I don't make any noise when I move about. Keep in mind you can expect very close shots with a bow and any noise will ruin the deal. I use a 5 gallon pail with a swivel seat which allows me to turn to the left rapidly to make my shot.  Using a chair or camp stool only complicates the shot. Never, ever leave your side windows open. I leave the corner windows open about two inches to allow me to see left and right. Any open side windows will make your bow draw more difficult because they will see the movement.

     I arrowed my deer at 7 yards recently which was absolutely invigorating ! Most ground blind shots are close and personal and you have to have your blind set and ready to be flawless in the execution of the shot. Don't expect to get your deer from a ground blind you just set up. One key is to get that set up well in advance of the hunt, preferably two weeks ahead. The deer will get used to it and ignore it eventually.

     Any deer taken from a ground blind is a trophy!


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