Outdoors Angle: Don't Be Overconfident On The Ice!


The Flag Outdoors Expert Steve Carney has your weekly Outdoors Angle right here!

     As we experience our first cold snap of the ice season, anglers need to be aware that this cold snap has produced some ice but not nearly enough for this time of the winter. Walking out on the ice is still the order of the day and involving ATVs and side-by-sides is not recommended at this time.

     I have been finding 3 to 6 inches of ice throughout the lakes area with thinner ice on the larger bodies of water such as Big Detroit, Ida and Ottertail. These larger bodies of water iced up much later than normal and we even had sections of open water as of last week.

     I highly recommend anglers stick to the smaller bodies of water and concentrate on the back bays and shallow, shoreline areas. The walleye and crappie bite has been exceptional so far in these shallower areas and this will hold up for a few weeks yet. Right now it's a matter of getting to where you want to go but settling for whatever good ice you can find.

     Just the other day I was on Star Lake near Dent on maybe 4 inches of ice and here comes an ATV heading towards me. We don't have any control on what some knucklehead will do so I waved him off vigorously!

     Be patient...the good ice will be here shortly.  Be conservative for the time being and stick to the safer areas.

     So far I have seen an unprecedented number of anglers on the ice which I chalk up to the COVID thing. I predict record numbers of ice anglers this season so use caution and use common sense.

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