Outdoors Angle: Chase Those Coyotes!

The Flag Outdoors Expert Steve Carney has your weekly Outdoors Angle right here!

     As we head into the month of January, coyote hunting reaches its peak as they start moving around during daylight hours and looking for mates. Normally they are very elusive during the winter and tend to make their moves at night but now they are active and vulnerable to hunting from sunrise to sunset.

     I like to hit the road with some very good optics and scan likely looking areas such as bluffs, hillsides and ravines hoping to catch them either on the move or loafing about. Top-of-the-line optics make the process easy and exciting. Many times you can expect to cover hundreds of miles in one day searching and by putting in your time you will get opportunities. Chances are you will also find fox along the way as they inhabit the same terrain as coyotes.

     Calling is another way to harvest coyotes especially during lowlight hours. I use a turkey mouth call and make some excruciating sounds that sound like an animal in distress. If you are within earshot of a coyote, he or she will come running full speed to check out the situation. It is very important to choose calling areas that feature open areas. These are the areas they will choose to follow giving you a clean field of fire. As with most coyotes, they can fool you and come in from most any direction.

     My preferred rifle is a semi-automatic which can fire rapid rounds quickly especially on running coyotes. Bolt action rifles are also adequate but every hunter has his favorite.

     Both January and February are the best months for coyotes. Hit the road, don't forget to ask landowner permission first and then lock and load!

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