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     Ringo Starr said it best when he said "A little help from my friends!" That's what helps increase your fishing success by developing relationships with other anglers and hopefully establishing a trusting relationship. I have been burned by so-called friends before when trading information and it's a give and take affair.

     I have been lucky here in lakes country to have developed a nice network of hardy anglers that really get after it !  We exchange information on a daily basis and because of this trust, most of us are on biting fish day after day. When you have many anglers on the ice at the same time, chances are somebody is catching. Those willing to share hot spots are true friends but keep in mind you can't always be on the receiving end but rather reciprocation is important. You want to give as well as receive.

     If you have a chance to join a fishing group or sportsmans group, you will find yourself aligned with anglers that share the same passion and this will open up a ton of opportunities that you normally wouldn't have access to. Too many anglers rely on bait shops to guide you but in reality you won't get any credible information from them as they are very guarded in their information. Remember, there is "local" information and "tourist" information... a big difference.

     Many contacts are made on the ice as well when a friendly approach to a person on the ice can lead to a sporting friendship. Again, it's a trust thing. Be courteous, kind and willing to share, that's what it's all about!

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