Outdoors Angle: Installing New Fishing line On Your Reels

The Flag Outdoors Expert Steve Carney has your weekly Outdoors Angle right here!

     I get multiple emails from anglers every Spring on how to correctly put new monofilament lines on your reels in anticipation of the new fishing season. So many anglers get it wrong and get very frustrated. Tangled "bird nests" are not fun on the water. Here is a primer on putting the new line on your reels correctly.

1.)  Make sure the new line spool is flat on the floor. The line should come off the spool in a counter-clockwise manner. Don't do the pencil thru the spool thing and roll on...not good. Line on a new spool has a ton of "memory" and that memory is always counterproductive.  

2.)  After spooling the new line on, place the reel spool under lukewarm water under your kitchen faucet and run water over it while turning it. 3 minutes should suffice. This helps remove the memory from the factory spool.

3.)  If your new line has been sitting around a while, it can be defective. New line has a very short shelf life. Make sure it is fresh.


     Spooling your line on correctly with a fresh product means no more fouled spools and lost fish. It gives you confidence knowing you can handle anything!

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