Outdoors Angle: The Sunset Walleye Bite!

The Flag Outdoors Expert Steve Carney has your weekly Outdoors Angle right here!

     At this time of the Spring, the best fishing on any given day is always at the hour of dusk. The sunset bite as I call it is the time to be on the water or fishing from shore. Walleyes in April are in the spawning mode and will enter close to shore during the last hour of the day and inhabit those shallow areas through the nighttime hours. Catching walleyes during the day in April is a tough challenge that's why you concentrate on the last hour of light and the next couple of hours after dusk.

     So far this April, my best fishing has been the late evenings and the morning bite has been non-existent. Again, this is not unusual for early April. These fish at this time of the Spring are thinking of spawning and not necessarily thinking about eating.... that comes in a week or so. The spawn is on their minds and almost all of the spawning activity is well after dark.

     Lighted bobbers with large fathead minnows are a good choice after dark as are 4 inch swimbaits that resemble a medium size minnow. In the Dakota's, we can use two rods so I like a bobber with a bright light on one rod and I cast the second rod with a swimbait. Between the two, one will always produce.

     Concentrate on the night bite in April and relax during daylight hours. After the spawn, the daytime bite will improve making the days more productive.

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