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     As we transition into the month of June, fishing now means hitting the new weed growth and triggering the walleyes and crappies to bite. Many lakes are now featuring stands of cabbage and coontail which are fairly short in stature and some lakes the weeds haven't even developed yet. Use your electronics to scan the shoreline and look for the telltale growth. These early summer weeds harbor all kinds of minnows and worms and it's the reason they are there.

     There are multiple presentations an angler can use. I first off check the tops of the weeds by dropping a slip bobber on the top and let the jig ride high. This picks off the most active fish. After a quick check on the top, drop a jig n minnow off the edges and fish a bit deeper. Walleyes especially love the weed edges and will often be most active during lowlight periods. Most anglers tend to avoid the weeds but in reality that's where the action is during early June.

     We are headed for the best fishing of the season during the Memorial Weekend period and weeks after. It's a great time to be on the water and experience the tremendous fishing Lake's Country has to offer.

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