Outdoors Angle: June On Lake Of The Woods

The Flag Outdoors Expert Steve Carney has your weekly Outdoors Angle right here!

     One of the most popular destinations for Dakota anglers is Minnesota's Lake of the Woods. This is big water with big fish!

     I recently returned from there with mixed results as it took a day to really get a handle on the walleye locations and by the second day I had it dialed in. I launched my boat near the "Gap" which is a great access point to the Wheelers Point area and it's a short boat ride to get into Four Mile Bay. I finally found active walleyes in very deep water already proving they have made their mid-summer move to the deep mud prematurely. Best depths for me were 28 to 32 feet of water. This is normally a standard July and August location and why they are there this early in June is confusing.

     There are a ton of accommodations on Lake of the Woods with charter boats by the scores and wonderful resorts which cater to anglers. Keep in mind if you are using your own boat, it better be big and seaworthy! Lake of the Woods is gigantic and no place for a 16 foot boat and a 40 horse motor. Always make sure you have a partner in another boat and head out into the lake with a two- boat party. If you break down on LOTW, it's trouble because chances are you will be 7 to 15 miles out in the big water. Use common sense and make sure your motor especially is working properly before departing.

     Yes, its big and intimidating but the walleyes and sauger are worth the effort!

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