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     The month of June is underway with the best fishing month of the season. Things have really accelerated because of the waters temperatures and most species are now in their summer patterns. Keep in mind that right now bait fish are hatching and there is more food available now than any other time of the open water season. Getting walleyes and panfish to bite with all the food choices is a challenge.

     Right now is a good time to make the switch over from the venerable jig N minnow combination to spinners with bottom bouncers. Bottom bouncers are a South Dakota invention that features a lead bottom with wire and it floats across rocks and other debris. On the business end, I put on a large spinner with a 6 foot leader and backtroll or forward troll at 0.6 MPH just enough to get the blade moving. It's the vibration and flash that triggers midsummer fish.

     Placing a leech or crawler on the spinner rig works well if you don't have small sunfish issues as they will tear your live bait to shreds I have been using a 4 inch plastic worm in place of the live bait which keeps the panfish from robbing you. Don't forget to add a "stinger" hook on the end of your plastic bait to catch those light biters!

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