Outdoors Angle: Bladed Jigs

The Flag Outdoors Expert Steve Carney has your weekly Outdoors Angle right here!

     As we slide into the very hot period of July, we need to change our fishing tactics and start to think about aggressive baits that trigger strikes. Keep in mind the water temperatures are approaching the mid 70's coupled with lots of bait fish being hatched as we speak. There is a ton of food out there and your bait needs to be different and active.

     I now have changed my jig tactics to now include a jig with a small spinning blade below the jighead. This bait is 1/8th .oz and features a Colorado blade below the jig and it rotates and flashes as you cast and retrieve. I have caught multiple species using this bait recently and I will continue to use this bait well into August. Even the walleyes will strike this bait even though it is totally artificial. No need for live bait on the jig as a small, 1 inch plastic tail is all you need. The fish are striking the flash and vibration and are not concerned about what's on the end.

     Anglers can either work the jig back to the boat like a traditional jig with hops and occasional pauses or just a constant, very slow retrieve works as well.

     The best part is this bait is multi-specie capable and you won't believe the different game fish that just love this bait!

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