Outdoors Angle: Super Shallow Walleyes And Crappies

The Flag Outdoors Expert Steve Carney has your weekly Outdoors Angle right here!

     What a weird summer! The extremely warm temperatures for the last two months have really changed fish location and behavior. I am finding fish in areas I have not seen before and I am finding fish in brand new areas that normally didn't hold fish in the past. In other words, time on the water and scouting new locations is paramount in being successful during this goofy period.

     I am finding walleyes and crappies very shallow, in depths of 4 to 6 feet recently, as I believe the oxygen levels in lake's country have been altered meaning there is very little oxygen in deeper water. This is another casualty of the drought and warm temperatures. I began experimenting in shallow water because my success in deeper water was rather inconsistent. I am figuring this shallow trend will continue at least until we get some major weather changes.

     The smoke from Canada that has been blanketing the lakes is really a good thing as it is providing cloudy-like cover over the lakes keeping the fish shallow. It is not an environmentally good thing but I believe it has helped the fishing. This also is a short-lived phenomenon as I don't expect this to plague us much longer.

     Fishing is still holding up despite the weather craziness and in order to be successful this season, keep your options open on depths and fish locations. This is an abnormal season meaning we will have abnormal fishing experiences at least until the Fall period.

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