Outdoors Angle: Ramping Up For The Dove Season!

The Flag Outdoors Expert Steve Carney has your weekly Outdoors Angle right here!

     I love dove hunting! This prolific game bird is the most popular sport in the country for participation and hunter numbers. They are especially popular down in the southern United States. Here in the North Country we have a small window of opportunity which starts September 1st and ends way too soon. The first hint at below zero temperatures at night and they migrate south. Usually we end up with just a few weeks to hunt this amazing game bird.

     The drought this summer has had a huge affect on the water supply as small potholes, swamps and sloughs have basically dried up. Water sources will be a huge key in finding doves. When you find a water source, chances are the birds will be grouped up and in large concentrations.

     Pre-season scouting is really the key this Fall. Keep in mind many grain fields had poor yields because of the drought and finding a relevant oat, wheat or sunflower field will be a real challenge. I always spend the first day scouting dove locations, obtaining permission to hunt and preparing for the next morning's hunt.

     To this bird hunter, doves are my favorite as they are prolific in numbers, excellent flyers and super fast on the wing. I have learned over the years that your "lead" should be twice that of a pheasant or duck. These doves can reach speeds of 60 mph and they present a terrific challenge.

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