Outdoors Angle: Early Bow/Deer Season Tips

The Flag Outdoors Expert Steve Carney has your weekly Outdoors Angle right here!

     The early bow season is my favorite time of the Fall as I spend a lot of time hanging portable tree stands, ground blinds and doing the necessary scouting. This is going to be an interesting bow season as I believe the standing corn will be a huge factor as so many crops in the field have failed which means many fields could be left unharvested into the late Fall. This of course means lots more places for the deer to hang out making it a bit tougher to pattern their movements.

     Most of my stands are placed along edges of standing corn and heavy woods. The edge where the woods and the corn meet is a perfect ambush spot during early Fall. Just take a walk and look for the broken and smashed down corn stalks and you'll find the whitetail activity most evident. Deer have a tendency to return day after day to areas of corn that provides food and most importantly, cover. Keep in mind this corn/woods pattern will change once the fields are harvested or on the other hand, if the fields are not harvested, this pattern could hold up well into November.

     Being a successful bowhunter means adapting to changing conditions and making the stand and ground blind adjustments as needed. Watch the conditions and make your changes accordingly.

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