Outdoors Angle: Scent Control In The Tree Stand

The Flag Outdoors Expert Steve Carney has your weekly Outdoors Angle right here!

     If I had to pick one topic which can make or break your hunt for whitetails it would be the human scent. Deer have unbelievable abilities to detect human scent and is one of their best defenses against all predators. Mature does as well as bucks learn to trust their nose more than anything else and combine this scent ability with their keen hearing and it's amazing we can fool them at all!

     There are a ton of garments in the industry that supposedly kill your human scent telling you that you can hunt in any wind.....don't believe it. There are also machines that you put above your stand that dissolves the human scent....also don't believe it.

     Always play the wind to your advantage. The wind should be straight into your face at all times thus preventing a whitetail from smelling you. I know many hunters who wear their smelly, sweaty overalls into their bow stands and still manage to take some nice bucks. It's all about the wind.

     I always make sure I have bow stands hung that are able to  handle any wind direction. I pick and choose the best stand for the day according to the wind direction. Some stands are good in east winds, some are good with northwest winds, etc. When you have multiple stand options you can make a much better choice when dealing with wind direction.

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