Outdoors Angle: Hevi-Shot For Waterfowl

The Flag Outdoors Expert Steve Carney has your weekly Outdoors Angle right here!

     As we continue to struggle to find steel shot shotshells during our current duck season, there are some alternatives out there that seem to be in good stock.

     Hevi-Shot is my choice because it's about the only non-steel shotshell available. Hevi Shot is a non-toxic shot that really resembles lead in its performance. It's heavier and has more down range penetration than steel shot. I have never been a fan of steel shot anyway, so this is a good alternative.

     Another good choice is bismuth. This alloy performs about the same as Hevi Shot but its the price that keeps me away. It performs well but at 30.00 dollars a box, I will stick with Hevi Shot.

     I have spent many hours scouring the United States for anybody with any steel shot inventories and even the "big guys" and superstores have zero steel.

     Supply chains in so many areas of our lives have been disrupted and this supply chain issue will be a fact of life for many Americans from here on. Get used to it.

     I use steel shot because it's the law, not by choice. If you have ever heard steel shot bounce off a flying duck at 40 yards, you know what I mean.

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