Outdoors Angle: Lake of the Woods

The Flag Outdoors Expert Steve Carney has your weekly Outdoors Angle right here!

     As we slide into late winter, our fishing spots that we have been doing well on seem to slow down which is typical for February. Whether it's walleyes or panfish it seems it's a bit tougher to score. This is when a switch over to Lake of the Woods in northern Minnesota is a good bet.

     Noted as probably the finest walleye destination along with North Dakota's Devils Lake, Lake of the Woods features some excellent late winter fishing. Most resorts tend to key in on deeper water from 28 to 32 feet and mostly over mud bottoms. The walleyes and sauger are feeding on the hatching insects and are active all day long. This deepwater pattern on LOTW is mostly a sauger pattern as the resorts want customers to have all-day action which saugers provide. A walleye here and there is normal.

     The LOTW resorts have great roads plowed with access out to 20 miles. If you are trying to get your wheelhouse out, this is your destination. It's always best to call ahead as many resorts are booked well in advance.

     Yeah, it's slow right now in Lake's Country... time for a switch!

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