Outdoors Angle: "Dead Stick" Is The Best Secondary Rod On The Ice

The Flag Outdoors Expert Steve Carney has your weekly Outdoors Angle right here!

     The term "dead stick" is a term we use for having a secondary line in the water that does absolutely nothing. There are times your secondary dead stick produces most of the walleyes and crappies. My dead stick approach is using a minnow imitating lure with a piece of minnow head on the middle hook and dropping it into the ice hole and then placing the rod on top of a 5 gallon pail. That rod remains motionless most of the time but when I see fish on my electronics, I gently lift the dead stick up and drop it back on the pail. The hit is almost always right after the bait comes to rest. As usual, I am using a very aggressive jigging approach on my primary rod and the secondary dead stick works well in tandem.

     Other versions of the dead stick include a plain 1/8th.oz jighead with a full minnow impaled right thru the bony part of the skull. Some anglers prefer plastic minnow baits with rattles that they leave on the bottom with an occasional jigging motion. Experimentation will allow you to pick and choose what works for you.

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