Outdoors Angle: New Sunfish/Bluegill Regulations In 2022

The Flag Outdoors Expert Steve Carney has your weekly Outdoors Angle right here!

     For many years I believe we as anglers have been overregulated and it's really hard to know everything there is to know unless you thoroughly study the game and fish regulations.

     New for 2022 are the 250 lakes throughout the state that have new regulations and limits for bluegills and sunfish. Another 50 lakes have been added which many are within the area of Lake's Country.

     The idea is to limit the take to 5 fish instead of the old regulation of 10. Hopefully this will allow the population to expand and the fishing pressure should loosen. I am very much in favor of this change as bluegills and sunfish have been exploited for decades. It's not by accident we have very poor bluegill size within the state. This limit change will probably take years to see the results but it is a step in the right direction.

     On another topic, the call for lowering the walleye limit from 6 to 4 statewide is not gaining any ground. There is no scientific or concrete reason for the change so this idea is dying in the legislature. Hopefully this is the end of this idea.

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