Outdoors Angle: Buyers Guide To Today's Modern Rods And Reels

The Flag Outdoors Expert Steve Carney has your weekly Outdoors Angle right here!

     Most of the rods and reels are purchased in April as we anticipate open water and many anglers tend to gear up during the Spring.

     I have always advocated spending enough money on rods and reels that you get good quality without over-spending. Many rods for instance can cost as much as $300.00 which is rather ridiculous. Today's modern rods are pretty much standard in quality and a good rod can be had for around $80.00 to $100.00. The modern rods are basically boron and are a big quality difference from the old fiberglass rods. Spending more than necessary doesn't translate into being a better fisherperson.

     Reels are really all over the place in terms of price. Some of the better quality reels go for as much as $250.00 which again is not practical. A decent reel goes for about $60.00 and will do a fine job. Keep in mind reels are manufactured in the same factory and the brands are all mixed. Most feature 7 or 8 ball bearings in the reel which is really not a big factor. I always recommend an angler buy one reel of a brand and one from another brand and see if the reels make it through the season. As with refrigerators, washing machines, etc, we have evolved into a disposable society which means when something wears out you throw it away and start fresh. Getting reels repaired is a thing of the past.

     Stay away from combination sets of pre-rigged rods and reels. You want to match the weight and style of your reel to the rod meaning you should attach the chosen reel to the rod and see if they are truly balanced. Reels now come in three sizes and you want that reel to be perfectly matched to the rod.

     There's nothing better than a perfectly matched rod and reel. Keep your price point in the middle of the road and you'll be all set.

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