Outdoors Angle: Should I Buy A Used Boat?

The Flag Outdoors Expert Steve Carney has your weekly Outdoors Angle right here!

     As we approach the open water season here in the North Country, many anglers are buying and selling boats at a furious pace as new inventory have been few and far between. Here are some tips on purchasing a used boat, motor and trailer:

1.) Check the Sellers Garage

     This is my number one criteria for whether I purchase a person's boat or not. Check his or her garage. If the garage is tidy and neat and the floor is clean and things are stored in fine order....that's the guy you want to buy a boat from. The garage tells the whole story.  If they are prudent on their garage situation they are probably just as prudent on caring for their boat. If the garage is a mess, move on.


2.) Professional Check-Up

     Always try and bring along a professional motor person with you when reviewing a boat and motor. They can do compression tests on the spot and their knowledge allows them to check over the motor before purchase. If the seller allows, you can tow the boat/motor/trailer over to a dealer and pay to have everything checked out. The motor is the most critical part and the most expensive part to replace.



     Always make it a point to ask the owner about the hubs and bearings. If they have neglected the trailer hub maintenance, move on. This is another indication on how the seller takes care of his stuff. If you see fresh grease along the wheel you are probably in good shape.  Wouldn't hurt to ask for service records just to make sure.


     In the boat business, there are gems out there and turkeys. Use your common sense. You'll know it when the boat and motor is a good fit.

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