Outdoors Angle: Fishing Opener Tips

The Flag Outdoors Expert Steve Carney has your weekly Outdoors Angle right here!

     After the "Spring from Hell" we are looking forward to the Fishing Opener in Lake's Country! Our late ice-out will definitely have an affect on the mood of the northerns and the walleyes. Here are some tips to get you ready to wet a line as we start off the fishing season of 2022.



     Because the water temperatures are hovering around the low 40's, expect the fish to be extra lethargic. It's just plain too cold. Your presentations should be ultra slow such as slowly dragging a jig not hoping it. A steady drag with very little action will be the best presentation. If you are pulling a live bait rig, make sure you barely move forward or backward. The slowest speed using your electric motors will be the best route. It's a bit early for trolling crankbaits but if you choose to do so, again, troll down as slow as possible. Walleyes won't be aggressively chasing baits for another two weeks yet.



     Any shoreline or creek with current will be a huge key to success. Walleyes will still be on the spawn on the Opener and the males will be hanging around current areas, especially at dusk. Any incoming creek or small river will be the best spot to be.


     The fishing opener can be a crazy time on the water.  Be polite and give everyone a measure of courtesy as we celebrate another wonderful rite of Spring!


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