Outdoors Angle: Bobbers Over The Weeds

Steve Carney Outdoors
Steve Carney Outdoors

The Flag Outdoors Expert Steve Carney has your weekly Outdoors Angle right here!

     The extreme weed growth this summer has really changed my strategies. Usually our weed lines (areas where the weeds stop) are between 8 and 11 feet but because of the hot temperatures, the weed lines are now averaging 14 to 19 feet. This has eliminated the pitching style of fishing as you basically get hung up on the massive weeds, wasting a lot of time.

     The slip bobber allows you to set your depth and pitch that rig right on top of the weeds giving the crappies and walleyes a good look without getting hung up. I use a tiny, 1/16th.oz jig with a piece of plastic which works well. No need for live bait as the plastics work just fine. I clip a piece of plastic from a typical plastic worm and impale just a small piece onto the jig. No messing with minnows or leeches. This bait always stays on and is very durable.

     If you have other anglers in the boat, set your slip bobbers at various depths until you strike gold. I typically set my bobbers at the 8ft depth which puts me just above the weed edge. Crappies and walleyes are easy victims to a well-placed bobber rig. The bobber allows you to place that bait right in their face and they just can't resist the offering.

     Weeds aren't necessarily a bad thing, you just have to adapt and make the proper adjustments.

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