Outdoors Angle: The Whitetail Rut

Steve Carney Outdoors
Steve Carney Outdoors

The Flag Outdoors Expert Steve Carney has your weekly Outdoors Angle right here!

     This is the week when the whitetail rut begins and here comes the most exciting period of the Fall deer season. I have noticed new "scrapes" recently and a bit of early rut activity but we are still about a few days away from things really heating up.

     Don't be afraid to use a rattle bag to try and draw in bucks that are within earshot. Rattle bags simulate two bucks fighting and can be very effective during late October. Be aggressive and noisy with these rattle bags. They work best on windless days and are worthless if you have sustained winds over 12 mph.

     Now is the time to be in your stand no matter what the weather conditions happen to be. Cruising bucks are now looking for does and will be on their feet more in the next two weeks than ever before. This is when they drop their guard and do some really stupid things.

     I try and spend maybe another hour or two in the stand just to put more time in as we get into the rut period. Stick it out as long as you can on stand because this rut period is short lived.

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