Outdoors Angle: Current Conditions On The Ice

Steve Carney Outdoors
Steve Carney Outdoors

The Flag Outdoors Expert Steve Carney has your weekly Outdoors Angle right here!

     This weather is not cooperating for us as Mother Nature keeps throwing us curveballs.day after day. We were fortunate enough to  have very good ice conditions with a solid 12 inch ice base but the recent snow has really complicated travel on the ice.

     In Lake's Country, plowed roads on the ice are very rare so it is important to touch base with your favorite resort and check on their plowed roads. Plowed roads via a resort will at least allow you to get your wheelhouse out and return safely. For those who prefer portable pull-overs and hub houses, it looks like we are now faced with a snowmobile only type of travel on the ice. This season is shaping up just like last season where the snowmobile was the only mode of transportation for most of the season.

     The recent snow cover is actually a good thing as far as the game fish are concerned as the light penetration is now limited which keeps the fish active and feeding for longer periods. The snow also keeps the noise from ATV's and snowmobiles to a minimum which is also good for angling.

     The indications are that we are heading for a warm up very soon which means slush may again become a problem. All it takes is a few days of 30's and slush can return. Looks like an interesting and challenging next 6 weeks of the walleye season. We can handle this stuff because we are tough northerners!

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