Jet stream hammering west coast...will our "snow drought" end anytime soon?

Snow to the west...snow to our south....everywhere but HERE!!  We continue our snow drought due to the Jet Stream and blocking around Greenland.  This blocking is forcing the jet stream south giving the majority of the snow through the central and southern plains.  This is giving a LOT of rain and snow to the west coast and helping with the severe drought conditions there. Do I see any changes in this pattern anytime soon?  The short answer is no.  So for snow lovers this is NOT the pattern you like around here.  However, as we move into February soon, there are some signs of change.  Colder and MAYBE a few more storms.  In regards to Saturday's snow, it looks like less than an inch with slightly higher amounts through SD into southern MN.  

Chief Meteorologist,

Dean Wysocki