Memorial Weekend Outlook

Sunshine will be replaced with clouds into the afternoon today with highs ranging from the upper 50's to mid 60's across the area. Along with the clouds, scattered showers will develop and push into the overnight hours. It will be a breezy afternoon with WSW winds between 10-20 gusting as high as 30 mph. There will be more sunshine (partly cloudy) for Sunday thankfully, with "calmer" winds out of the south 10-20 mph. Scattered isolated showers and T-storms will pop up in the afternoon (mostly out towards lakes country). I wouldn't cancel your Sunday plans however, just be conscious that a quick shower and T-storm could pop up... High temperatures will be in the mid 70's within the southern valley and will be a little bit cooler going east into lakes country, highs ranging from the upper 60's to mid 60's depending on how far east you are. Monday will be the pick day of the weekend! High temperatures will be in the 70's with plenty of sunshine and NW winds between 5-15mph.

I hope everyone has a fun and safe Memorial weekend!



Justin Storm