Upcoming Break In The Heat!

I am sure most of us are well aware this has been a very warm start to our summer and unfortunately a very dry year as well so far. Every day of June so far has been above average and that looks to be the trend for the summer as a whole with periodical breaks in the heat. Our first break in the heat comes over this weekend into the beginning of next week with a chance for some rain.

High temperatures will be slightly over average into the lower 80's tomorrow (Friday 6-18-21) with plenty of sunshine and breezy northwest winds between 15-25 and gusting up to 35 mph. Much for the same on Saturday but with "calmer" winds. Scattered showers will develop into the late evening and overnight and unfortunately push into the morning of fathers day (Sunday 6-20-21) with some scattered showers possible in the afternoon. Much of the eastern state should see about a quarter of an inch of rain with some localized areas closer to a half-inch +.

With the rain will come our break in the heat... lower 70's on Sunday, mid 60's on Monday with sunshine returning. Sunny skies will continue into the upcoming week with temperatures in the lower 70's on Tuesday and close to 80 on Wednesday. Then back to the mid 80's mid/end of the week.



Justin Storm