Record warm start to record cold next week? Rainy Father's Day

The period June 1 - June 15th was the warmest start to June in Fargo since records began in 1881  This even beat the hot start summer back in 1988 which was a hot summer.   It's been dry around the valley and ALL of the Dakotas.  For most out west, it's just too late for rain to help. For the valley area, it's critical time but at least we have some rain in the forecast.  If you have outdoor plans this weekend, Saturday is the day with light winds and sunshine.  Father's day looks wet, especially the first half of the day.  Following the rain on Father's Day, a cool Canadian air mass will push into the valley with near record lows possible early next week.   Happy Father's Day to all the dads.  


Chief Meteorologist

Dean Wysocki