Cold will ease, rollercoaster temps continue....LRC CYCLE ALMOST SET

Here is a look at snowfall totals from the weekend blizzard.  Quite impressive totals in the N. Valley with over a foot of snow.  According to the LRC a system similar to this should be back around our area sometime in the first week in February.  Will it bring another blizzard?  It's possible.   The LRC cycle is almost set.....somewhere in the 60 day range but we still have to iron this out.  Once we do, we can start making some more precise forecasts through the rest of the winter into the spring.  We will continue with the rollercoaster temps, however, for awhile now, possibly through the rest of the winter if we dont get some blocking in the higher latitudes. The rest of the week looks pretty quiet around the valley with a storm passing to our south on Friday.  It looks like the stormy cycle of the LRC should ramp back up mid month into Christmas week.  Stay tuned!!


Chief Meteorologist

Dean Wysocki